Silk Scarves

In every collection we prioritize the quality of the material. 100% silk twill scarves, designed and manufactured in Spain. This small format, simple and versatile, can be worn around the neck, hair or handbag. The collection produces an elegant and timeless style, to be worn at any time of the year. All the designs in the collection come from original handmade paintings.

Collection 01

Creeper plant from South America, also known as the gold cup. Print inspired by its large and bright ornamental flowers.



The design of this handkerchief was inspired by the beauty of this functional object, known for its particular shape that has evolved over the years to carry any type of food.

Intimate Atmospheres

These designs focus on the intimate atmospheres that the artist perceives in any place of everyday life. Where she transforms angles, plays with perspective and color, as a consequence, she brings curious spaces between realism and reverie.

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